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Statement Against Counterfeit Website

Recently, our company, WAI CHUN INVESTMENT FUND (hereinafter referred to as "We"), have discovered a counterfeit website which impersonates the name, address, and background information of our company. The counterfeit website is trying to induce investors by promising abnormally high-return investment products of cryptocurrencies and high referral commissions under our brand name. These activities are illegal and fraudulent. To this end, we solemnly declare ​​the following:

  1. This website (www.waichuninvfund.com) is our only official website. We are responsible for the authenticity of the information published only on our website.

  2. The counterfeit website impersonates our company’s name, domain names, addresses, and background information, and provide so-called information and financial services, in order to induce customers to conduct online investments of cryptocurrencies for illegal profit. The organization and its staff behind this website have been suspected of financial fraud and cybercrime. For this reason, we would like to warn the general public to carefully screen the domain name of our website, recognize the false identity and sinister intentions of the counterfeit website, and avoid any financial losses. The domain name of the counterfeit website is (www.waichunfundltd.com).
  3. We have reported the case to the Hong Kong Central Police Office on February 1, 2021. The Hong Kong Police has officially accepted the case and has begun investigations into all suspected financial fraud and cybercrime activities, including counterfeit websites, the organizations and their staff behind the scenes. We reserve the right to take legal actions against any organizations or individuals suspected of financial fraud and cybercrime.

Wai Chun Investment Fund 
February 2, 2021

We are currently updating our website. It will be available very soon.


近期发现有不法分子盗用玮俊投资基金 WAI CHUN INVESTMENT FUND (下称“我司”) 的名称、地址、背景介绍等信息,仿冒我司网站,以承诺高额投资回报和高额返点介绍费的方式,企图引诱客户投资加密货币,进行非法集资诈骗。为此,我司郑重声明如下:

  1. 本网站 (www.waichuninvfund.com) 是我司唯一官方网站,我司仅对此网站发布信息的真实性承担责任。

  2. 假冒网站通过使用我司的名称、近似的域名、地址及背景介绍信息等方式,企图以高额回报引诱客户投资加密货币,以达到非法集资诈骗的目的。其网站幕后机构及其工作人员已涉嫌经济诈骗和网络犯罪。为此,我司提醒广大巿民仔细甄别网站域名,认清假冒网站的虚假身份和险恶用意,避免不必要的资金损失,该假冒网站域名为 (www.waichunfundltd.com)。

  3. 我司已于2021年2月1日向香港中区警署报案,香港警方已正式受理立案,並且已开始调查假冒网站、网站幕后机构及其工作人员等一切涉嫌经济诈骗和网络犯罪等违法行为,我司将保留对涉嫌经济诈骗和网络犯罪的单位或个人追究法律责任的权利。



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